Past Experience

Stephanie is a teacher with experience in every sector of education, having held posts in higher education (including work with postgraduates), primary education and a special education (4-16). She also has coached individual students from Durham and York Universities for their performance examinations, and contributed articles about music teaching to both Child Education and The British Journal of Music Education.

B.A. (Hons) Sussex 1977 majoring in Performance,
A.R.C.M 1978 Piano Teaching,
Certificate in Education for Specialist Teachers of Music (age range 7- 12yrs) 1978
Kingston University (Gipsy Hill)
M.Mus London 1980 Composition


Stephanie currently specialises in mentoring piano teachers and performers who wish to hone their skills further, passing on expertise garnered both from her own teachers, Celia Arieli, Anne Auriel Pattmann, (who studied with Gieseking) Peter Wallfisch (who studied with Marguerite Long) and latterly Eric Khopinski (who studied with Solomon), and a life listening, thinking, reading and writing about music, not to mentions the insights acquired as a composer.