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Italian Serenade performed by the Cobweb Orchestra

Italian Serenade for bassoon and orchestra was performed alongside a film of Italian landscapes and seascapes at the Cobweb Orchestra’s Easter Residential at Sedbergh School

In rehearsal

Rehearsing Italian Serenade


Watching the film of Italian scenes, showing alongside the performance.


Performing Italian Serenade, with the film showing in the distance.

Landscapes and Seascapes – Success at St. James’s.

Taken 2014 Pesaro and Winter Sea 223An appreciative audience from all over the UK assembled at St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, to hear Jill Kemp, Bobby Chen, Evgenia Startseva and Yuri Paterson-Olenich perform these works alongside the music of Bach, Schubert, Chopin and Rachmaninov.

Following the concert, a lively reception ensued at which all the performers and the composer mingled with the audience and compared notes.


Evening concert at St James’s, Piccadilly

Landscapes and Seascapes
– a celebration of the music of Stephanie Cant

This concert is on Saturday 25th October 2014, starting at 6.45pm, preceded at 6.00pm by a 20 minute pre-concert talk.

The pre-concert talk will be given by Stephanie Cant, and will include a performance by her of Wedding Songs (1993) by way of an introduction to her subsequent compositions in the main concert, where a few of the musical themes do recur.

The rest of the music in the programme, by Bach, Schubert, Chopin and Rachmaninov, has been chosen to reflect some of the influences there have been on Stephanie’s approach to composing for the piano.

Programme and performers

  • Jill Kemp recorders
    Stephanie Cant – ‘…but I will miss the seagulls ‘ (1999)
    Stephanie Cant – Winter Seascapes from ‘Ospedaletti’ (2004)
    Bach – Sonata in C major BWV 1033
  • Bobby Chen piano
    Schubert – Impromptus D 935 (Op. posth), Nos.1, 2, 3
    Stephanie Cant – Turning the Tide (2006)
  • Evgenia Startseva piano
    Stephanie Cant – Weardale Variations (2008)
    Chopin Etudes Op 10 No 3 in E major, Op. 25 No 5 in E minor
  • Yuri Paterson-Olenich piano
    Stephanie Cant – Panorama for LH (*premiere)
    Rachmaninov – Preludes Op.32, Nos.5 and 10; Op.25 No.5

Tickets available from brownpapertickets
Please see the St. James’s, Piccadilly website for further information: